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Innovative Design

Our team of experienced designers love innovation and fresh design that offers just the creative gifting solutions you need.



Original Plastic Moulding

Our Plastic Moulding factory offers designs that are one-of-a-kind and all yours. We don’t copy, we create, leaving your market satisfied.



Big Brands

Candou is developed by a team with nearly 20 years’ experience working with international brands and large contracts.



Top Selling Products



“Improve your sales with innovative creative gifting” Candou offers you innovative design from a creative team of designers.¬†Working alongside a plastics moulding factory, they develop original designs to boost your brand.


Why design with Candou?


1.Promotion: Use creative gifting as an important promotional tool for your brand. A creative gift from Candou  stays with your client, reminding them about your brand well into the future. Let a quality, innovative gift boost your brand today.


Goodwill gifts

2. Goodwill gifts: Your Competitors are using creative gifting and promotional gifts to make an impact on your market. Point of Sale, premium goodwill gifts and marketing gifts are all an essential part of brand recognition and building relationship.


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